We’re actively recruiting – are you keen for a change?

Come work with us.

Anexa is recruiting and we would love to invite you to find out more about working with Anexa and the roles we currently have.

Whether you are looking for a true-blue Dairy role working in the Cream of the Country, a mixed practice role working in the mighty Waikato, a Companion Animal role based in our brand-new purpose-built clinic, or if you’re a Sheep and Beef vet who wouldn’t mind living on Raglan’s doorstep – we could have a role for you!

Starting out in your veterinary career and looking for your next challenge or to specialise in your interest areas? New graduate looking to settle in a location with lots to offer? Let’s chat, we’ll have something on offer that may suit you too.

But, if you have something else in mind, we’d love to hear from you to see if joining our awesome team can help you!

Why consider joining the Anexa team? Here’s what our team have to say:

At Anexa, our staff enjoy a caring culture with many opportunities to grow and develop their professional skills.

“Good sort farmers – on the whole the farmers we work with are really nice people and are often keen to give most of the treatments you suggest a go.”

“The ability to develop and grow trust and strong relationships with the farmers has been one of the most fulfilling things about working for Anexa. I feel part of this is personal, but I feel the farmers generally have been very easy to get onside from the get-go.”

“Attached lab and Cognosco!!! Think it’s one of the key qualities that sets Anexa apart from other businesses – allows for the use of best practise and up to date information to guide our clinical decisions. Ali and Yvette our Lab Technicians, are more than happy to talk to you about results or help teach which is really cool.”

“Mighty Waikato – anything you could want within an hour drive, if not less.”

“Progression of new grad skill set – constantly acquiring new skills and gaining clinical confidence. Good balance of getting help but also being pushed out of our comfort zone.”

“A lot of our colleagues really want to help us learn – also another bonus of being part of a large team you are able to phone lots of different vets if you can’t reach the vets in your clinic for advice.”

“Support – big team with varied and lots of experience. We have enjoyed working out of the ‘hub’ clinic – feel very connected and really advantageous for learning small animal stuff. Also Friday afternoon catch ups is a nice way to lead into the weekend – chance to debrief and you get to chat to some of the team you might not normally have a lot to do with.”

“On call is something I don’t mind doing, I grew to resent it in my old job for a few reasons: The phone was directly through to me, the rota was a lot more frequent, and it was incorporated into the salary so felt like it was not worth anything”

“Having a large pool of vets is good in the sense that there is so many years of experience to draw on absolutely anything you come across so a great support network.”

“Dedicated CEO and leadership team that send out daily emails 😊  – feel as though everyone is approachable.”

What are you waiting for?

Give Tennielle Ellingham, our General Manager Clinical Services a call on 021 800 357 for a confidential chat or email her on [email protected] and to find out more on what Anexa is about.

Not quite right for you, but know someone who might be interested? Go on, forward this on to them!

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