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Young Stock Monitoring Service

Jun 30, 2015 | Dairy, Young Stock

Your goal is to get healthy, in-calf heifers returning to the home farm.

Anexa FVC’s Young Stock Monitoring Service can help you achieve this. 



Planning Session: together we develop a young stock plan for 20 months. A quick 30 minute appointment with your local vet will provide you with an Animal Health Plan for your young stock stating your goals clearly for your grazier. 

Ongoing Service: we will work with the grazier and owner to implement the plan, including: 

  • Weigh heifers every 2 months and formulate a weight report for the grazier and owner; We have a portable weigh station, so the grazier only needs to get the heifers into the yards.
  • Vaccination against lepto and clostridia (2 vaccinations as a calf and a yearly booster); 
    Regular, targeted drenching; and Trace element supplementation as required (e.g. Copper, Selenium, B12. 




  • Your young stock can be managed for $1.40/animal/week (excl GST) 
  • This includes all specified product, mileage and visit fees.* 
  • A Veterinarian will oversee all of this and investigate any problems** and offer advice. 
    * If farm is located in the Waikato 
    ** Veterinarian investigation will be charged at usual veterinary fees 




  • Other vaccinations (e.g. BVD, Salmonella) 
  • Zinc bolusing for Facial Eczema 
  • Pregnancy testing 
  • Liver Biopsies/Bloods for trace elements 
  • FEC testing and analysis 
  •  Additional fees will apply 
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