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Working Dog Care – Vaccinations, Health Check, Parasites

Aug 31, 2022 | Dry stock, Working Dog

It’s that time again; time for the annual Anexa Dog vaccination run. One of our Vets and a Nurse can come out to your farm to vaccinate and health check your team of dogs, we can also provide flea and worm treatment to keep your team in tip-top shape. If you are interested in having your dogs vaccinated out on farm please contact your local Anexa to register your interest.


Why is it important you vaccinate your working dog?

Vaccinations can prevent your dog from getting debilitating diseases some of which can also affect you.
Leptospirosis is one of the most serious common occupationally acquired diseases caught from animals in New Zealand. The vaccination also protects them from Canine Distemper caused by the CD virus, infectious canine hepatitis caused by the Canine Adenovirus type 1, respiratory disease caused by Canine Parainfluenza virus and parvo viral enteritis caused by Canine Parvo virus. This year we have seen several dogs with Parvo virus at Anexa Huntly. It is a highly infectious disease and often fatal. If you are taking your dogs to any dog trials it is advised you also consider vaccinating them against Kennel Cough caused by either Bordetella bronchiseptica, canine adenovirus type 2 or the parainfluenza virus.


Health Check

The dog run also provides an opportunity for your dog to have a quick health check (if the dog is willing) – we check teeth, eyes, ears, and run our hands over the body to check for lumps. Most often we find decayed teeth. Toothache is painful and can really affect a dog’s wellbeing. If the decayed teeth are not removed a tooth root abscess can develop and spread the infection throughout the body. It is important to get regular health checks as animals naturally hide their weaknesses, so you may not notice until the problem is severe.


Parasites treated

Our dogs are part of the farm team we want them to run like well oiled machines. Part of their maintenance also includes regular flea and worm treatments. If you have several dogs, regular flea treatment are essential to avoid infestations and flea bite dermatitis. There are a few different flea and worm products on the market that may suit your dog and needs. You can choose from monthly or 3 monthly flea treatments that come in oral or topical forms. If that is not an option for you then there is also a flea collar which lasts 8 months.

Sheep measles is also a very good reason to ensure your dog gets a regular worm treatment. Anexa Vets has a Drontal/Droncit mail out system called VetServe, this allows worm tablets to be delivered to your door around the same time every month-3 months (this depends on your worming needs). We remember so you don’t have to. Ask you local Anexa clinic about signing up today.

You can also time your 3 monthly flea treatment with your 3 monthly worm treatment so you will have all your bases covered.

If you would like your working dogs included in the dog run, please contact your local Anexa Vet Clinic.


Got multiple dogs on farm due for vaccination? Register at your local Anexa clinic to be included in our annual working dog vaccination, flea and worm run. Anexa comes to you – runs and dates to be confirmed, please liase with your local anexa clinic for details in your area.
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