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Winter Flea Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Itch-Free

Apr 24, 2024 | Cats, Dogs, Health and Wellness, Pet Health

As the chill sets in, it’s tempting to believe fleas take a winter vacation. However, these pesky critters can be a year-round annoyance, causing itchiness and health issues for our furry friends.


Why Winter Doesn’t Stop Fleas

Despite the cold, many dogs and cats battle fleas during winter. Fleas are sneaky survivors, finding warmth in our homes, to keep their lifecycle going and keeping the itch alive all year long.

Cats and dogs share the same flea species, so even if your dog never meets your cat, untreated cats can shed flea eggs around the house, leading to infestations that affect your dog. While dogs may show obvious signs like scratching, cats may groom away the evidence. Regularly using a flea comb can help spot fleas and flea dirt, which appear as little black specks in their fur, and is a clear sign of infestation.


Preventing fleas is about your pet’s health and well-being.

Fleas aren’t just a nuisance; they can carry tapeworms, leading to serious health issues, in both our pets and us humans. Their bites can cause skin irritation, which is especially irritating for pets with allergies.

New Zealand’s climate provides ideal conditions for fleas to thrive year-round, making regular flea treatments essential. By consistently using a trusted flea treatment, you can break the flea lifecycle, prevent infestations and keep your furry companions comfortable and free from fleas.

diagram explaining the cycle of fleas - from eggs to larva to pupa to adult flea.

Treating regularly helps break the flea cycle to eliminate fleas


Effective Flea Treatments

Consistent flea treatment is essential year-round. Products like Bravecto, Simparica, and NexGard Spectra for cats, offer long-lasting protection. Bravecto provides 12 weeks of flea and tick protection with a single chew, or 6 months flea protection with a spot-on in dogs, and 3 months protection for cats, while Simparica and NexGard Spectra offer monthly protection. These treatments are convenient and effective, ensuring your pet stays itch-free all year long.

Don’t let the winter itch get the best of your pet. Even in colder months, consistent flea treatment is crucial for their comfort and health. Visit your local Anexa Clinic, where our friendly staff can recommend the best treatment.


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