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Who is John Penry

Oct 7, 2017 | Dairy

John Penry brings to Anexa FVC a wealth of experience in the dairy extension and farm consultancy area. Well known in Australiasia, and internationally, John has been involved in the veterinary and dairy industries for over 25 years as a veterinary practitioner, practice owner, industry consultant and researcher. Since 1999, he has been involved in project design, delivery and evaluation for national animal health projects funded by Dairy Australia. These include Countdown (mastitis and milk quality), InCalf (reproduction), Grains2Milk (feedbase) and The People in Dairy (human resources on farm). From 2010 to 2013, John was the project leader for Countdown.

After commencing veterinary practice in 1990, John has completed a Master’s degree in Dairy Medicine and Production (Uni. Melb.), a Membership of the Aust. and NZ College of Veterinary Scientists in ruminant nutrition and a PhD undertaking milk harvesting research (Dairy Science Dept., University of Wisconsin-Madison). He is committed to enhancing and expanding the breadth of farm consultancy services Anexa FVC offers to farming clients through its experienced veterinary team.

What does this mean for our members? 

  • Anexa FVC was founded by farmers for farmers. Attracting the right people, with the right experience, focusing on the right projects helps us provide practical, research-driven solutions to our members first. 
  • With our Research, Advisory and Clinical Veterinarians all working closely with our farmers, we deliver practical solutions that make your every day lives that little bit easier, or farming more profitable. 
  • We see ourselves as your Animal Health partner – this is why we are involved in all areas of animal health, to provide the best service for our members.
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