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Which Shampoo is best?

Sep 1, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

When it comes to bathing dogs (and sometimes even cats) it can be confusing trying to choose the best wash/shampoo for your pet’s specific needs. For starters, it is a good idea to identify exactly why you believe you need to bath your pet. For instance, is it to control irritation or itch, to deodorize the skin and coat (reduce smelliness) or to remove dirt or other material? Once you have identified exactly what it is you aim to treat, you can then find a specific product tailored to your pet’s needs. Below are some key things about the products we have in stock to guide your decision.
Remember to always use a shampoo designed specifically for pets- human and baby shampoos do not have the right pH balance for pets. Cheap supermarket shampoos also often have the same problem and can often dry out your pet’s skin, or even worse- cause it to become itchy!

If you are still unsure which product is best suited to your pet, speak to one of our helpful Vet Nurses – they are skilled in this area and can provide specialist advice.

Please note: pets with on-going skin irritation of any kind will more than likely require a comprehensive care plan to get the itch and irritation under control initially, so please consider booking a consultation with one of our Vets.


Natural Shampoos (natural/soothing)

  • designed specifically for pets
  • pH balanced for pets’ skin
  • suitable for puppies, kittens, and adult pets
  • helps retain skin moisture and coat shine
  • can be used as often as every 2-3 weeks

Oatmeal Shampoos (moisturizing)

  • specially designed for dry coats
  • helps avoid drying out skin
  • actively moisturizes skin
  • suitable for puppies, kittens, & adult pets
  • recommended for dogs with mild itch or dry coats
  • can be used as part of a skin treatment program
  • can be used as often as twice weekly

Medicated Shampoos (anti-bacterial +/- antifungal)

  • prescription shampoos available from vet
  • used to treat overgrowths of skin bacteria and yeast
  • used to treat those smelly, greasy dogs
  • NOT recommended for normal pets, as can dry skin out
  • always used as part of a skin treatment program
  • can be used as often as twice weekly as a skin treatment
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