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What’s happened to Theileria?

May 8, 2017 | Biosecurity, Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare

Ashley O’Driscoll, Anexa FVC Ngaruawahia Veterinarian

Depending on where your farm is located in the Waikato, you may or may not still be seeing cows affected with Theileria. The northern parts of the Waikato seem to be reasonably “immune” now, with few new cases popping up in established herds. Most northern Waikato cases of Theileria appear to be associated with buying in cattle from further south. However, some parts of southern Waikato are still seeing a steady stream of Theileria cows. Over times, farmers in these areas have become astute and watch carefully for these cases, so most are diagnosed early and cure with supportive care. 
If you have questions about purchasing cattle from a different area, or on how to diagnose and treat Theileria in your herd, contact your local Anexa FVC Vet for more information. 

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