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What is in Mac’s eye?

Nov 4, 2022 | Dogs, Pet Health

Meet Mac. Mac is a beautiful-natured 2-year-old German Wire Haired Pointer who is always up for a cuddle and going for a walk. One day, after an adventure, his owner noticed that his eye was troubling him. Mac was insistently trying to rub it. His owner was concerned and booked a vet appointment at Anexa Raglan.

Anexa Vet Rolando, checked his eye thoroughly and found a foreign body attached to the cornea (eye surface). So, Mac was sedated and had local anaesthetic applied to his eye. The team then worked on carefully removing the foreign body. Unfortunately, it was firmly attached and required gentle removal with a scalpel blade. It was a small piece of vegetation or grass. Next, a stain was applied to the eye to help identify any damage to the eye surface. The stain showed a small corneal ulcer (scratch) where the grass had been removed.

Mac woke up with his tail wagging and gave the staff lovely (but sloppy) thank-you kisses. He was sent home with a topical antibiotic and lubricant drop to be applied to the eye three times a day and some pain relief to help ease any discomfort. Mac’s eye was checked a week later, and we were happy to see that the ulcer had healed well.

Mac’s experience is a good reminder that if your pet’s eyes are sore, they should always be examined by a vet.

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