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What is an animal health plan?

Jul 4, 2019 | Dry stock, Dry stock animal health & welfare

An animal health plan is a personalised planner for your farm, developed by you and your vet. This enables you to plan the entire season in advance and is excellent to use with farm staff. Your unique planner can include everything from management events, drench use, vaccinations, trace element supplementation and testing.

We have two levels of animal health plan; a complete year wall planner for each stock type or the easy to use, Animal health plan (AHP) App.

The AHP app sends out reminders, changes when the system or dates change and allows recording of treatments for compliance of treatment use and withholding periods.

How do I get an animal health plan?

Arrange an appointment with your vet on farm or in clinic to discuss your farming system and identify key dates for specific animal health events. At the end of the consultation you will have discussed the entire season and all routine animal health needs for all stock types.

What you receive:

We will send you a large 12 month planner, or will set up the app, with a printed monthly calendar.

So what advantages do you get with the app over the wall calendar?

While the wall calendar is an easy to use system and involves the vet in animal health planning or the year, the app allows a consistent, up to date relationship with your vet all year round. Other advantages include:

  • On time treatments
    Since animal health treatments are often time critical, such as vaccinations and drenches, and missing or delaying these types of treatments can affect stock health and productivity, a reminder system has been included with in-app alerts and emails to you or key staff members.
  • Information
    All important product information is readily available. Dates when stock have completed the withholding period(s) are automatically given, making life easier for the farmer.
  • Dynamic health plans
    One of the challenges of farming is the unpredictability from year to year. The vet and the farmer will have the ability to move certain treatments as circumstances change throughout the year, and the next treatment date will automatically change also.
  • Compliance Assistance
    Photos can be uploaded, such as a quick snap of the batch number and expiry date of the product, to assist with record keeping and on farm compliance.
  • Easy to Use, manage
    The main farm user can allow any farm workers to run the app, improving communication and planning of animal health treatments.
    Contact your vet today to discuss the best option for your system.
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