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Welcome to our 2023 Veterinary Graduates

Jan 31, 2023 | Community, News, Working at Anexa

Tennielle Ellingham, GM Clinical Services

Wow, what an inspiring day I have had inducting these guys. Here’s what had me fizzing!!

  1. Their self awareness – these guys are all really aware of what makes them tick, what they do under pressure and how it may impact relationships with their team – and after today’s session, what they need and how to manage that positively. What an awesome start to strong relationship building in their teams.
  2. Their willingness to do new things – we talked about the importance of reflective practice, using journalling for our win/learn’s of the week, and how making a point of focusing on the good stuff we achieved (rather than our bias to always focus on the next skill to learn) gives us a good sense of perspective when we have those days that don’t go to plan. Nice to have that tool in the tool box!
  3. Their openness and courage to be vulnerable – starting your first role brings all sorts of emotions. My hope is that we start these awesome young vets out understanding that having the courage to be vulnerable with each other and their team will lead to stronger support for them and better resilience as they ride the inevitable first year rollercoaster.

Starting our new vets out on the right path for a successful and rewarding career starts with conversations on a much wider list than just the technical stuff. Wishing them a successful and rewarding first year in practice with our team!

Tennielle Ellingham
GM Clinical Services

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