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Warmer at night = less energy wasted

Jun 5, 2019 | Dry stock, Working Dog

Although most working dogs don’t technically need special kenneling in the winter, it is worth considering. By keeping your dogs warmer at night, they will use less energy (and therefore less food) warming themselves. Their muscles will not be as stiff in the morning, decreasing the chance of injury during work. Older working dogs (over eight years old) also experience significantly more joint stiffness and arthritis when colder.

What can we do?

Bedding elevates them off the cold floor. Dog-safe insulation on the inside or outside of the kennel can help, or even try placing an old horse cover over the kennel. Creating “door flaps” that they can push through at the entrance of the kennel, out of heavy fabric, does a good job at stopping the wind.

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