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Vet Tip: Take pre-treatment milk samples

Oct 31, 2016 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Milk Quality

Take a sterile milk sample and store in the freezer prior to treatment. This gives you the option to submit the sample later if the cow doesn’t respond or if you have an increased number of clinical cases. Knowing the cause of mastitis allows your vet to make the best treatment recommendations and then identify the best management areas to target. Results are typically back within 48 hours. You can pick up sterile containers from your local clinic. The lab at the AnexaFVC Morrinsville clinc offers significantly cheaper prices than those at the commercial laboratory in Hamilton. 
Milk cultures are also useful for dealing with HSCC cows. Recently a herd that was struggling with a BTSCC of around 300,000 had milk samples tested and found 22 cows that were positive for Staph. aureus. Staph aureus is a contagious bacteria and is a common cause of mastitis. It often causes subclinical infection and is difficult to treat with cure rates as low as 25% in some cases. Through selective culling and treatment of these cows the BTSCC is now sitting comfortably at around 150,000. 

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