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Aug 29, 2016 | Lifestyle Farmers

Note that these vaccines are given under the skin. Ask you Vet if you are unsure of how to give an injection.

Clostridial dz
There are a number of clostridial diseases including tetanus, and pulpy kidney which can cause sudden death in both calves and lambs. Lambs are at greater risk of tetanus post tail docking or post castration, as well as after shearing if cut or if they have any open wounds. Prevention is the key.


Option 1:
– At docking/castration/dehorning – use 2 mls of “Coopers Lamb Vaccination” (immediate tetanus protection)
– 4 weeks later use 1 ml of “Ultravac 5 in 1” vaccine
– 4 weeks after the first 5 in 1 shot give a booster shot of “Ultravac 5 in 1” vaccine

Option 2:
– First shot of “Ultravac 5 in 1” vaccine at 8 weeks of age
– Repeat 4 weeks later


– First shot of “Ultravac 5 in 1” vaccine at any age. We recommend 4 to 6 weeks old
– Booster shot 4 weeks later


This is a nasty bacteria which effects cattle, pigs, dogs and HUMANS!!

Signs in Cattle
– High fever
– Anemia
– Red urine (blood)
– Jaundice
– Death in 3 – 5 days

Signs in Humans
– High fever
– Headache
– Chills
– Muscle aches
– Jaundice
– Abdominal Pain

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