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Underweight – 8 reasons why it’s not ideal

Mar 3, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

What could it mean for your pet:

1. Young animals – poor growth and bone development leading to early onset arthritis / organ dysfunction

2. Compromises organ function and over all length of life

3. Pain – skeletal protrusion can be uncomfortable, pressure sores can develop

4. Electrolyte imbalance – this can be related to disease processes

5. Higher chance of contracting disease as compromised immune system

6. May be affected by the cold more as struggle to regulate body temperature

7. Muscle wastage

8. Working dogs – struggle to work as minimal fat reserves means very minimal energy stores for a days work

If you are concerned about your pet pop into your local Anexa FVC Clinic for a cat – we’re here to help

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