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Oct 18, 2016 | Lifestyle Farmers

We are seeing a lot of ticks this season especially in young calves. You may also see them on your sheep, goats, horses, deer and dogs, so keep an eye out. The adult tick is a blood-sucking parasite with eight legs. 80% of the tick lifecycle is spent out in pasture so it is hard to eradicate a tick problem once you have it. Therefore all new animals brought onto your lifestyle block should be quarantined, checked for ticks and treated if necessary.

Come into your local Anexa FVC clinic if you see ticks on any of your animals and we will send you home with some management advice and the correct treatment. Treatments involve a pour-on for cattle (Bayticol), insecticide sprays for goats and sheep and a Bravecto tablet for your dog. We also have ear tags that we can attach to the collar of your grass-eating friend to protect them from the evil tick.

Some of you may have heard that the tick also can carry a blood parasite called Theileria which affects cattle. It causes anemia and can be fatal.

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