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Theileria is here to stay

Aug 7, 2017 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare

We are still hearing about, and diagnosing, cases of Theileria across the Waikato. While we aren’t seeing massive outbreaks of Theileria-affected animals, there is still potential for outbreaks if a large number of “naïve” cattle are transported into an affected area. Most farmers are now aware of the signs of Theileria and treat these cattle successfully without contacting their Vet. There are still a few cows requiring blood transfusions (often cows affected around calving time), and Theileria is still causing problems in some beef calves. If you are unsure whether your cow has Theileria, remember that a simple blood test will help distinguish between a cow with anaemia (Theileria) and other types of sickness. 

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