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Teaching your cat to shake hands in 5 easy steps!

Sep 13, 2021 | Behaviour, Cats, Pet Health

Renee Johnson, Vet Nurse, Anexa Vets Huntly

If you think tricks are just for dogs – think again! Vet Nurse Renee shares 5 easy tips to teach your cat to shake hands.

  1. First, you need your cat to sit. You can do this by getting their favourite treats and showing them, you have it. Get your cat focused on you.


2. Next move your hand toward their tail over their head ensuring they follow. Once they are sitting say “sit” and give them a treat.


3. Depending on your cat this next step can be done in two ways.

  • Hold the treat in-front of them and place your other hand flat with your palm upwards near their paw. When they put their paw up to get the treat touch your hand to their paw
  • Another method is getting them to focus on the treat while you slowly grab their paw softly and hold it. If your cat is paw shy you may need to get them used to you holding their paw, So when it is grabbed give them a treat.


4. When you have their paw lifted from the ground or resting in your hand you say “shake” and give them a treat

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