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Suzie Jones and her bladder stones

Nov 12, 2016 | Dogs, Pet Health

For a few weeks Suzie, a twelve and a half year old Shih Tzu cross, was having a little trouble passing urine and was wanting to go out to the toilet at all hours of the night.

Alison Jones dropped in a urine sample from Suzie , which was quickly analysed by Nicki our Laboratory Technician and the result indicated an infection with a large number of white and red blood cells in the urine.
What was really interesting was that Nicki found microscopic crystals in the urine, which could have suggested either bladder stones or a crystal based infection causing the trouble.

Suzie was examined by Chris and sure enough on ultrasound and by feeling the bladder, stones were diagnosed.

Suzie had been a little sick so before any surgery could take place a full (complete ) blood screen was performed with Anexa FVC ‘s new laboratory equipment – an IDEXX Catalyst one and a IDEXX Pro Cyte DX.

Within 30 mins all these pre anaesthetic blood tests on Suzie, came back to the team. All the tests were normal so surgery could be safety performed and was started one hour later.

The surgery was successful and a large number of stones were removed from her bladder.

What was great was the speed at which these tests could be performed and this allowed Suzie to have a safe and speedy recovery.
Well done everybody!

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