Student Placements

Student Placements

Our team welcomes veterinary students from Massey University, and further afield, to spend time gaining practical work experience to meet their course requirements.

Massey University

Students visit our clinics both for ‘OWNS’ work experience, as well as to attend formal rural practice and calving externships, in the final year of their veterinary science degree, provided by Anexa working in partnership with Massey University.

Anexa Veterinary Services, in partnership with Massey University has an annual grant package awarded to a final year vet student each year to encourage aspiring veterinarians to focus on rural practices.

Anexa also has an annual Animal Health Scholarship which is highly sought after at Massey University with a large number of applicants each year. One of the key benefits of providing this scholarship is the opportunity for our team to meet promising students, both on campus and in practicum within the clinic. This gives us the opportunity to grow our industry networks and open up employment opportunities for graduate vets interested in working in a rural practice in the Waikato region.

Vet Nurses and Rural Animal Techs

Anexa partners with various industry education providers offering the opportunity to students studying all levels of Vet Nursing and Rural Animal Technology to complete placement hours in our clinics. This is a great opportunity for students to experience different clinic and farm environments as well as provide our team with the chance to guide up and coming talent through their studies. These partnerships often open up potential job opportunities. Many of our current vet nurses and rural animal techs were once students on their placements with Anexa.

Apply for a student placement at Anexa Vets

Our team welcomes students to spend time gaining practical work experience to meet their course requirements.  If you would like to complete a placement at one of Anexa Vet’s clinics please fill in this form (should only take about 5 minutes) and we will get in touch with you. As we receive many requests from students for placements, if we can get to know you a little then we are better able to place students in a clinic that may best suit your strengths and interests. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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