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Some Practical tips for Vet visits

Aug 12, 2018 | Lifestyle Farmers

Being able to enjoy having animals on a lifestyle block also means spending some money to keep these animals healthy. Some of this money will be spent on vet visits for routine husbandry or for sick/injured animals.

To help you save money on your vet bills and help ensure that these visits don’t incur unnecessary expense, here are some tips:
A Lifestyle Block visit for a Vet call is made up of 4 things

  • Farm visit
  • Mileage
  • Drugs
  • Vet Time

To help reduce the time the vet is on farm, prepare in the following ways:

  • Before the vet arrives, have the animals in the yards and/or restrained.
  • Also if someone is around to assist the vet during the visit can be beneficial.
  • Have all your questions prepared in advance.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

You can also help reduce the cost of vet visits in the longer term by not needing the visit in the first place!

  • Buy healthy animals from a trusted source.
  • Keep your animals healthy by performing regular routine health procedures (shearing, foot trimming, parasite control, vaccinations, zinc supplementation in-season etc)
  • Understock your property, so you don’t run out of food on a bad year.

And we are only a phone call away. If you are unsure about the needs of your animals, or the stocking rate for your property, have the vet out for a visit. We also have Large Animal Technician available to show you how to drench/vaccinate/foot trim etc at a fraction of the cost of a vet visit.

This may just help save you from having expensive vet visits in the future!

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