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So what is and how could it make your life easier?

Jul 7, 2017 | Compliance, Dairy, Farm systems is an online store and electronic dairy diary for our members. With increasing compliance requirements, and busy lifestyles, we wanted to offer an easy, user friendly solution to help make our members lives just that little bit easier.

  • Mobile friendly, therefore it is available for use anywhere:  Designed to use easily on your mobile phone; simply take it out of your pocket to place an order, or record a cow treatment. Cow side, down in the paddock, wherever you remember you need a product or record a treatment, you can deal with it then and there. 
  • On line ordering system: Order all Anexa FVC products online. This includes all our bulk products, drenches, trace element products, OTC products, consumables, and your scripted RVMs. 
  • Multiple pick-up and delivery options for your product orders: Order ahead so your products are ready when you get to the clinic, or when someone is driving past to collect them for you. You can choose to pick up your order from any Anexa FVC clinic. We also have several delivery options, so we can get what you need to you as suits you best. 
  • Electronic recording of your RVM treatments: A quick accurate way of recording all RVM treatments for your herd. Recommended dose rates, routes of administration and withholding periods are populated for you; just enter the cow number, disease, and treatment start date, and select your treatment option. No more transferring information from scraps of paper and whiteboards into the dairy diary – just record as you go in 
  • Enter treatment data once – we make sure it gets where it needs to go: We are working with several industry partners to make sure our system integrates with theirs. Keeping life simple for shed audits and supply company compliance. 
  • Easy to see lists of treatments required, and which cows are in withholding period: Cows due a treatment will be listed for you, and with the click of a button you can ensure scheduled treatments are given, at the right time, and by who. Cows in withholding periods are also listed, so you can quickly see who is due to return to the vat and when. 
  • Linked to your herd EID, year born and management tag data for accuracy: When you sign up to Farmacy, we upload your herd’s management tag numbers, EID, and year born data from LIC. This ensures your RVM treatments are recorded accurately against the right cow number. Tag double ups or heifers coming in using culled cow management tag numbers will no longer create confusion.

Want to know more or get started with your login?  Contact your local Anexa FVC Vet, we’re here to help.

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