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Salmonella cases are on the rise

Mar 7, 2017 | Biosecurity, Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare

As farming systems change and adapt in the Waikato, so too do the diseases us Vets come across. Salmonella bacteria cause a profuse scour, occasionally abortion, and sometimes death in young and adult cattle. We saw a big increase in cases this spring. It also causes a nasty gut infection in humans which can be very severe. 
The disease is typically contracted from environments, water and feedstuffs contaminated with faeces. Cases seem to be more prevalent on farms where they regularly use a feed or standoff pad, where the environment is highly contaminated with faeces, or where birds may have access to feed. As our New Zealand dairy cows spend longer periods on pads and in herd homes than ever before, Salmonella vaccine may become a good option to try to prevent cases. The vaccine is cheap and readily available. Talk to your Vet about preventing Salmonella in your herd. 

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