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Restricted Veterinary Medicine Scripts

Jul 8, 2020 | Beef cattle, Bulls, Dry stock, Grazing youngstock, Sheep

Why do I need it?

All Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVM) must be authorised/prescribed by a veterinarian. An annual farm script allows you to pick up RVMs from our clinics without having to get an authorisation for each one and allows you to have said prescribed drugs on farm to be used by you, on your stock for prescribed purposes.
You will be provided with a booklet that gives information on dose rates, administration routes, and withholding periods for all medications scripted. This should be kept with the drugs prescribed, so come audit time it is all in one place. Meat-works are starting to do audits yearly, and this will be a part of this system.

But it’s the same as last year!

Yes, the basic RVM consult is the same every year, but things do change, and we legally need to review each year. For example, drugs may no longer be available, or a better alternative may have come on to the market. If you have had animal health issues over the year or changed stock types on farm, we may have to adjust the amount or types of RVMs required.

What does it cover?

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, Copper, and certain vaccines such as for leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis. Each farm is different so we will script according to your individual needs.

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