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Repro Round Up

Apr 3, 2020 | Dairy, Dairy Farm Reproduction

With a dry summer resulting in several busy months keeping feed and water up to herds and youngstock, your pregnancy testing results and in particular, your mating period experiences may be a distant memory. However, now is the time to review your results whilst they and the mating period tactics you employed in 2019 are still within recall.

If an Anexa veterinarian performed your pregnancy testing in 2020 then a review consultation of your results is a complimentary part of this service – book in today and make the most of it! These reviews can easily be done via video or teleconsult in the comfort of your own home! If your herds’ in calf and empty rates have left you disappointed then now is the time to review the aspects of mating management that are working well on your farm. Then identify areas that could be improved to formulate a plan that will consolidate these strengths and improve these weaknesses for 2020.

We have now completed our analysis of the reproductive performance of herds that were pregnancy tested by Anexa veterinarians in 2019/20.

So how did these herds perform and where does your herd fit in?

Seasonal Spring Calving Herds 

The median and average 6 week in calf rate was 73% which is a 1% increase on 2018 mating period results. This is the third successive year that Anexa pregnancy scanning clients have increased their 6 week in calf rates. Mating length duration remains relatively static at 76 days as does the average empty rate of 11.5% after this duration of mating.

Heifer Results 

Of the herds that did conduct heifer pregnancy scanning with Anexa the average mating period length was 74 days. This is longer than the 63-70 day maximum period that is recommended for heifer mating periods.

Improving herd reproductive performance remains challenging for producers and advisors alike, However, the results presented in this article prove that meeting national benchmarks is possible. Make contact with your Anexa veterinarian today to start making some progress with your herd in 2020.

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