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Recycle your Teatseal® tubes

Apr 11, 2023 | Dairy, Milk Quality, Sustainability

At Anexa, we are focused on doing the right thing by our people and the environment. We encourage all our clients using Teatseal® to take part in Zoetis’s Teatseal® tube recycling programme.

In 2021 across New Zealand 12,744kgs of Teatseal® tubes were collected and re-purposed, representing around 1.6 million tubes! This year we hope to improve on that number.



What is the Teatseal® recycling programme?

A recycling scheme designed specifically for your empty Teatseal® tubes.


How does the Teatseal® recycling programme work?

Supporting the Teatseal Packaging Recycling Programme takes a little effort, but every tube that’s recycled is an investment in the future of our industry and our environment.

  1. Once you’ve finished Teatsealing, simply take the empty plastic tubes, buckets and teat wipe canisters back to your vet clinic. Tubes, plungers and caps can all be recycled together. Teatseal buckets and canisters can also be recycled but are made of different plastic.
  2. Your vet clinic will issue you with a recycling receipt for your farm environmental audits.


How long will the collection be available at Anexa clinics?

Until July 2023.


What products can be recycled?

Empty, clean Teatseal® tubes, buckets, teat wipe canisters.


Can Teatseal® caps be recycled?



Can Teatseal® buckets be recycled?

Yes, but they will be added to a different collection. (See chart above)


Will other drycow/teatsealant tubes be accepted?

No. Other teatsealant brands, gloves, teatwipes, antibiotics dry cow therapy tubes are not being collected at this time. For our Teatseal® recycling initiative to be successful, we must know what type of plastic the tube is made out of and how the leftover substances react in the recycling process. For this reason, only separated empty Teatseal® tubes will be collected and recycled.
We hope you will take part in this recycling scheme as we work towards a more sustainable future. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call.



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