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Protect ALL of your pets against fleas

Sep 27, 2018 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Cats and dogs share the same flea species. Even if your dog never goes near the cat in your house, forgetting to treat the cat can mean flea eggs are shed around the house, which develop into adult fleas that jump onto the dog! Dogs are great at scratching, itching and nibbling until you really know they have fleas, whereas cats may subtly groom in private, licking away fleas rather than scratching. So you may not think that your cat even gets fleas, but actually they are often just better at hiding the problem than the dog! An easy way to check is to use a flea comb regularly to look for fleas and flea dirt. Flea dirt appears as small dark particles which can be confused for soil. If you wet this dirt on a damp wet white paper towel, and it turns browny red then it will be flea dirt… as it’s actually digested blood.

Protect your pets with a trusted flea treatment ALL year round – that means no breaks over winter. In the New Zealand climate fleas really are a year round problem. Preventing an infestation is easier than treating one. On average New Zealanders are only using 8 weeks of flea treatment on their cats and 11 weeks of flea treatments on their
dogs per year. This is simply not enough to protect them and prevent flea infestations in your home. The flea’s lifecycle of adult-egg-larvae-pupae-adult is temperature and humidity dependent.

The more ideal the weather is, the faster they can reproduce.

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