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Preventative Hoof Trimming

Sep 15, 2015 | Dairy, Lameness

Best time for preventative trimming is in the dry season. 
Anexa FVC has a professionally trained trimmer, technician Graham Grant. We use a specialised hydraulic trimming crush. 
Benefits of hoof trimming: 

  • Increased surface bearing area per hoof. 
  • Even weight distribution on claws. 
  • Improved toe angle (standing and walking straighter). 
  • Improved locomotion and stability. 


Book our top quality service: 

  • It’s quick and safe using a hydraulic crush unit. 
  • All size cattle, including bulls. 

We also offer a Hoof Knife Sharpening Service $9*/knife 
Phone 07 889 5159 to book your herd’s hoof trim. 

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