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Podcast: Dairy calves and heifers – trace elements testing and supplementation

May 6, 2022 | Dairy, Dry stock, Grazing youngstock, Podcast, Young Stock

Emma Franklin & Travis Scott, Veterinarians, Anexa Vet Services

Join Anexa Dairy Vets for this relaxed, yet informative, veterinary podcast for dairy farmers and their farm staff. This podcast series, In One Ear and Out the Udder is aimed at all staff on the farm, who are interested in learning more about the animal health issues affecting dairy cows in New Zealand. Designed to be an easy-listen while you are bringing the cows to the shed for milking or hosing down the yard, these interview-style chats aim to help create common knowledge on farm and provide some points for discussion amongst the whole farm team.

In this episode of Anexa’s Podcast, In One Ear and Out the Udder, vets Emma Franklin and Travis Scott discuss why youngstock shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to Trace Element testing and supplementation. They chat about supplementation options and how they should differ depending on the management system and whether they are needed for maintenance or to treat deficiency. They also talk about the importance of having a written youngstock plan alongside your grazing contract to ensure the owner, the grazier and the vet are all working together towards common goals to ensure heifers are in the best shape possible at calving to start a long, healthy productive life as a dairy cow.

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