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Pets benefit from faster digital x-ray machines

Aug 18, 2015 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health, Rabbit

Anexa FVC Raglan and Morrinsville are delighted with their new digital x-ray developers. Gone are the days of developing x-rays in a time consuming film bath; we now have digital x-ray developers to deliver instant results to the veterinarians. This really helps with a faster diagnosis of the animal’s condition, which reduces the stress for the pet owner and allows us to get on with providing the necessary treatment. Another key benefit is having the option of sharing the x-ray via email with other vets. If a second opinion is required they can be emailed instantly rather than having to courier the printed films. This is a real advantage to our clinics, due to our rural town locations.
Although a huge investment for the clinics, these machines are well worth having, as they allow us to continue to deliver excellent service to our clients.

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