Pet Insurance

Are you considering pet insurance for your pet?

Insurance is about “peace of mind”. The same applies to Pet insurance, so if your pet has an unexpected injury or illness, you know you have it covered.  We are seeing more and more New Zealanders choose to invest in insurance for their pets. After all, unlike the human family members there is no ACC or free hospital care for our pets.

Why take out pet insurance?

Many pet owners will do whatever they can to help their dog or cat live a long, happy and healthy life. But sometimes when sudden accidents, injuries or illnesses happen, even the most dedicated owner can be put in a difficult position when they haven’t planned for the unexpected expenses. Pet insurance can save you from financial stress or needing to make a tough call, and ensure your pet gets the treatment they need.


When to invest in pet insurance?

The sooner your pet is insured, the sooner your pet will be covered. Having insurance from early in your pet’s life means there won’t be any pre-existing conditions that may arise as your pet ages, resulting in that condition not being covered by the insurance policy.

It is estimated 1 in 3 pets will need emergency care every year, so getting pet insurance can let you focus on your pet’s health rather than worry about how large the bills are going to be and whether you can really afford them.


What is covered by pet insurance?

Different companies and different plans cover different care – ensure you read information carefully to choose a plan that suits you and your pet’s needs.


How are you re-imbursed?

Pet insurance works much like any other insurance, you would pay for your pet’s care up-front, then claim expenses back from your pet insurance company.


Who can provide pet insurance?

There are many choices of pet insurance providers in New Zealand, we notice our clients commonly use:


For information on specific plans available, please contact pet insurance suppliers directly

How do you apply?

Pet insurance companies encourage you to apply online or over the phone – contact the companies directly to apply for insurance for your pet.

As veterinary care improves, more options become available to treat your sick or injured pet. By having insurance in place, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet can get the treatment they need, without your wallet being put on the critical list.

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