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Pet behavioural consultations, advice, and training

Jul 16, 2021 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health, Uncategorized

Anexa vets have partnered with Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ to offer behavioural consultations, advice, and training from Veterinarian Dr Lucy Scott.

Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ was established last year and is a mobile service, covering the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, and is based in Raglan.

Behavioural consultations are suitable for all our companion animals (mostly cats and dogs) with behaviour problems, and common issues addressed include:

Fear of noises or places

  • Anxiety about certain situations or being left alone at home.
  • Reactivity (expressed as fear or aggression) towards strangers, cars, or other animals.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders, seen as repetitive patterns or self-trauma (usually licking!)
  • Toileting problems such as going inside when they used to go outside or marking/spraying of urine in the home.
  • Age-related cognitive disorders (Senility, anxiety)
  • Unwanted behaviours such as barking, jumping up or pulling on lead.

A consultation can take between one and three hours depending on your requirements and as it is a mobile service, can occur wherever you and your pet are most comfortable, or where we see the behaviours happening.

We will formulate a plan that involves environmental management, behavioural modification programs and appropriate medication if indicated. You will receive a detailed report, as well as ongoing email support. Often two to three follow up visits are needed, depending on your pets’ issues.

Alongside help with behavioural problems, Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ can also provide help and training to prepare for veterinary visits, grooming and husbandry at home. Co-operative care based, fear-free techniques mean these do not need to be hard on you or your pet!

As a qualified Veterinarian with further qualifications in Veterinary Behaviour, Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ can take a holistic view of your animals’ issues. They can help you understand the medical issues behind some of these behaviours as well as the development and learning involved. Using scientific, humane, and compassionate techniques to help you and your animal.

To contact Veterinary Behaviour Services NZ, ask at your local Anexa Vet clinic for a referral or check them out at

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