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Scott McDougall

Managing Director, Cognosco

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Scott McDougall is a well-known and highly respected member of the NZ dairy science community. He has been involved in the dairy industry for over 25 years, working as a clinical veterinarian, teaching at Sydney University and working as a scientist for Dairy Research Corporation (now DairyNZ). He received his PhD from Massey University in 1994. In 1997 Scott established the R&D division of Animal Health Centre, called Cognosco. Throughout Scott’s career, he has been actively involved in improving animal health and productivity, through research, involvement in strategic industry-wide initiatives, teaching and training and presenting at local and international farmer and veterinary conferences. Cognosco employs up to 20 staff, including two PhD students and has since undertaken over 100 trials. His key areas of interest include preventing, controlling and treating mastitis and improving milk quality, improving cow fertility, and ensuring stewardship of antimicrobial use across animal industries.

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