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Paris gets the spring back in her step

May 11, 2017 | Dogs, Pet Health

Meet Paris, an 11 year old British bulldog. Her owner brought her into the Te Aroha clinic 4 weeks ago because she was slowing down, seemed sore in her hips and struggled to get up in the morning. After a thorough exam the diagnosis of early onset arthritis was made. After discussing the different options it was decided to start her on RC mobility diet and a series of cartrophen injections to stimulate joint health. Today Paris came in for her 4th injection, and she is a completely different dog!! She’s bouncing around in the morning ready to celebrate a new day. Instead of lying on the ground staring at the chickens she is now chasing after them and causing chaos (we think the chickens preferred the old Paris..)! She has a new lease on life, filled with fun and activity. Paris, her owners, Anne and Abbie are all stoked to see this success!

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