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Paying for your pet’s health care needs – what are the options?

Mar 28, 2023 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health, Pet Plan, Preventative care

With the increased cost of living, budgeting has become more critical. Our pets are part of our families, particularly cats and dogs. Their care is not optional; therefore, we must allow their healthcare within the household budget.

While we are lucky to have a system in New Zealand where human health care is subsidised, animal health care is not. So, although it may be tempting to measure the cost of caring for your furry family member against your human family members – it is simply not comparative.


What can we do to help manage pet health expenses?

Anexa is passionate about your pets and will support you with managing your pet’s health care expenses by offering treatment options and providing the following pay-on-the-day choices:

  • EFTPOS, internet banking, Visa and Mastercard.
  • Bundle monthly pet plan offers unlimited consults and includes the pet’s key healthcare needs, as well as discounts and special offers.
  • Anexa Vets also accept Afterpay, Q card and Smartcover pre-approved finance options.

Alternatively, another option could be to set up a bank account specifically for your pet and put money aside regularly, so you have a fund to draw from if your pet needs care over and above their yearly expenses.

Anexa Vets also accept pet insurance. Pet insurance works much like any other insurance; you would pay for your pet’s care up-front and then claim expenses back from your pet insurance company.


What is Bundle pet plan?

  • Bundle pet plan is available to cats and dogs of all ages. It includes a pet’s key veterinary care in a monthly payment plan. Once enrolled, the pet will receive unlimited consults, an annual health check including bloodwork and urine analysis, routine vaccinations, microchips and NZCAR registration, nail clips, and discounts on surgery, dental care, pet food, flea and worm treatments*.
  • Medications are excluded from the cost of the monthly plan so the vet can provide the client and patient with the best options for their situation.

*Specific information regarding Bundle can be found here


How can you help reduce pet care health costs?

The adage prevention is better than the cure runs true regarding health care. Help your pet stay healthy:

  • Ensure your pet maintains a healthy weight – keep them not too heavy, not too light.
  • Feed a quality diet specific to your pet’s needs – our staff are happy to help select a pet food that suits you.
  • Treat your pet regularly for fleas, worms and ticks – this will help prevent disease and skin irritation.
  • Regularly handle your pet – note and investigate changes found
  • Opt for annual health checks and vaccinations
  • Opt for regular dental checks and maintain dental health to reduce the risk of disease
  • Opt for preventative care testing – a warrant of fitness for your pet’s internal function. Testing can pick up very early signs of disease, allowing much easier (and cheaper management).

When our furry family members are unwell, it can be emotional. Anexa Vets are here to support you with your pet’s veterinary care needs. By working together with mutual respect and understanding, we can provide the best care for your pet.


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