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Not all foods are created equal

Mar 1, 2017 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Not all foods are created equal so make sure your pet gets the best diet possible! As vets we cannot emphasise enough the importance of good nutrition for your pet, to ensure good health. Diets need to be tailored to the specific needs of your pet to ensure they lead a healthy life. There are many reasons why you should consider feeding your pet with pet food purchased from your vet.

Advice:Your pet’s dietary needs may change as they grow and age. Your vet / vet nurse can offer advice on the best nutrition for all life stages of your pet.

Range: Vet-Only pet food offers a wide range of special diets, such as oral care, weight loss and hairball control.

Tailor-made: Large-breed dogs have different nutritional needs than smaller dogs and therefore need different diet formulations. Breed specific foods are formulated to help control or prevent some of the typical health problems of each breed. Your vet also has access to prescription diets designed for specifi c health conditions.

Much less mess to clean up: Quality food is highly digestible – therefore less mess and smell when your pet goes to the toilet.

Weight management: Obesity is the most common form of malnutrition in the pets of today. Feeding pets an appropriate quantity of food is very important. High quality food tends to make the animal feel full and satisfi ed with a smaller quantity.

Dental health: Dental problems are the second most common health problem that we see in our patients. Vet-Only pet foods have special features to help keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

Taste: Your pets will love it! Vet-Only diets have a high acceptance rate among pets. But for extra reassurance all our foods are 100% guaranteed. If your pet doesn’t like it we will refund the purchase price.

The link between good nutrition and health is well proven in humans and animals, so you want to feed the best food you can to your pets. We believe feeding a top quality veterinary diet will result in a longer and better quality life for your pet. If you are in doubt about the quality of the diet your pet is receiving, come and see us. We can advise on the best diet for your pet’s health.

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