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Nose and soft palate surgery for Pugs, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs

Oct 20, 2023 | Dogs, Health and Wellness, Pet Health

Approximately 50% of Pugs, French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are affected by brachycephalic airway syndrome (BOAS).

Symptoms can include snoring, loud breathing, coughing, gagging, exercise intolerance, regurgitation, vomiting, gulping, difficulty eating, sudden waking when asleep and excessive panting. Many owners think this is ‘normal’ for the breed, but this is a sign of a compromised airway and the secondary consequences that come with it.

BOAS is a progressive disease that causes a reduced quality of life and a shortened life. Secondary chronic health issues arise including hernias, collapsing airway, heart failure, high blood pressure and pneumonia.

If you suspect your dog may be affected, speak to your vet about booking in for a BOAS assessment. This involves a physical examination and sometimes a 3-minute exercise test to see if your dog is affected. If your dog has BOAS, then treatment options can be discussed.

Over 90% of dog owners report improved quality of life after surgery for BOAS, including improved breathing and less gastrointestinal issues.

The following is a review from a recent client, whose lovely French Bulldog – Rumble- had his nose and soft palate surgically treated.

 “We would like to thank you and the team there at Anexa Vets in Ngaruawahia for the BOAS procedure that Rumble underwent last Tuesday. From the start, you were very informative and engaging and kept in touch with us throughout the procedure which was awesome. Rumble’s recovery has gone better than expected and he is already nearly back to normal.

Rumble is like a new dog. The snorts, grunts and noises that came from Rumble are gone, along with the all-night heavy snoring. We are so happy with the outcome and can already see the benefits, not only to Rumble’s life but to ours as well. We are looking forward to a longer, better life for our boy. Thank you again Georgie and the team at Anexa Ngaruawahia. Very much appreciated.”




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