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New year, new budget? Is your current allowance for your pet working for you?

Feb 8, 2024 | Cats, Dogs, Health and Wellness, Pet Health, Pet Plan

Paying for your pet’s healthcare is inevitable, so it’s important to budget for the cost of your pet’s primary healthcare. But this can be hard, right? How do you know how often your pet might need to go to the vet this year?

Consider Bundle – a budget-friendly plan that focuses on primary preventative care. Reasonable monthly payments help spread pet healthcare costs over 12 months. Enrolled pets receive unlimited consults, an annual health check with blood and urine analysis, routine vaccinations, nail clips, and microchipping as part of the plan. Plus, they get discounts on pet food, flea treatments, dental care, and surgery.


“We have five rescue dogs, three with special needs, so it was a no brainer to put them on Anexa’s Bundle Pet Wellness Plan. We can’t afford to insure them all (especially with their pre-existing conditions) but Bundle is super affordable – we did the math, we’re saving money.

Free consults means if we’re worried about something with one of our pups, we can just pop in and get it checked, without stressing about finding the money for it. It’s amazing to get confirmation that it’s just a sore tummy and not something more serious like an obstruction or poison ingestion.

Our paralysed girl Tinkerbelle gets reoccurring UTIs due to her condition, so it was great to have baseline bloods and urine checks to compare with across the year, and free consults when we need to get her checked out. With Bundle, all of our latest rescue puppy Pickle’s vaccinations and microchip were covered. And it puts a dent in the regular costs like dentals and vet diets etc too. So it’s totally worth it for our healthy pups, but it really saved our bacon when our big boy Briggle got diagnosed with cancer last year. He required weekly check ups and tests during his chemo treatment, and towards the end we were in clinic multiple times a week. During this awful time it was such a blessing to not have to worry about the consult fees on top of everything else.

Our kids love visiting our amazing vet team, and being on the Bundle makes those visits much more enjoyable for our budget. 

Thanks Anexa! Love Rachael, Simon, Briggle, Alfie, Tinkerbelle, Bindi, Stormii and Pickle”


To find out more about Bundle Pet Wellness Plan, visit your local clinic and talk with our friendly staff, or visit our web page here.

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