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New treatment option available for arthritic pets

Jul 10, 2023 | Cats, Dogs, Health and Wellness, Pet Health

Did you know that around 80% of dogs and cats over eight years old and 35% of all ages suffer from arthritis pain?


Signs that your pet might have arthritis include:

  • reluctance to jump up into the car
  • couch or usual favourite sleeping spot
  • lagging behind on walks
  • limping after exercise
  • stiff movements
  • slow rising from lying down or sitting
  • reluctance or refusal to climb stairs
  • accidents around the house
  • general irritability or grumpiness. 

Although other conditions can cause these signs, an appointment with your vet is recommended. If arthritis is diagnosed, there are many medications, supplements and diets that can help. 

Beransa (dogs) and Solensia (cats) are the newest treatment options and have shown excellent safety and efficacy for managing arthritis pain. 

The monthly injection is an antibody treatment that targets inflammation and pain at the source, not just masking the pain. Talk to your vet about whether Beransa or Solensia would be a good choice for your dog or cat. 

A review from a satisfied owner and dog: 


“Layla was a bit slow in getting up off her bed off the ground and often needed a big stretch before she got going. Then at the end of the day, we would notice she was drained after walks from the day and appeared a little bit stiff. She would also sometimes need lifting up onto the bed or in the car if she had been on a walk or two that day.”



“Layla has more energy and enthusiasm to get up and play at the end of the day. Zoomies have made a reappearance, including rebounding off furniture and leaping up onto the couch and bed. She has also been able to keep up with her younger friends at the park for longer.” 


If you are concerned about your pet’s mobility, please get in touch.



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