Graduates – start your vet career with Anexa here

Graduates, come work with us.

Anexa is recruiting and we would love to invite you to find out more about joining the Anexa Team. We encourage you to start your career in a well-supported environment, we encourage you to work with us.

Who are Anexa Veterinary Services?

Anexa Vets is a mixed practice offering friendly and professional veterinary services throughout the Waikato and Hauraki Plains.

We have 11 clinics, each offering a different mix of farm and companion animal services, dependent on their community’s needs. 

Anexa Vets are a values-based business and care about the communities where we live and work. From the veterinary advice we provide, to the services and products we offer, all of our recommendations are based on research and evidence-based medicine. 

Anexa Vets is proud to be:

  • a Vet Club established by farmers for farmers
  • governed by an elected Board of Directors
  • globally recognised through Cognosco, its research
    division, led by Professor Scott McDougall
At Anexa, our staff enjoy a caring culture with many opportunities to grow and develop their professional skills.

Choose career development; work at Anexa 

Each new graduate vet brings a unique set of skills and strengths to the Anexa team. We want our staff to thrive. We do this by encouraging them to follow their passions, and creating an environment that develops clinical, communication and life skills.

Every vet working at Anexa, whether they joined us as a new graduate or as a more experienced vet, can shape their individual role allowing them to follow their passions and develop areas of expertise. Whether through providing mentorship and training to colleagues and veterinary students, leading or contributing to special interest working groups, collaborating with our research team, undertaking further study or coming up with something completely new, vets can develop a varied and rewarding career at Anexa.

We enable growth by ensuring each new graduate employed at Anexa Vets has a supportive team to work alongside and offer the following career development programmes and resources: 


Anexa Graduate Vets have a dedicated Mentor within the practice and a personalised, tailored development plan for the first two years of practice allowing for continuous review, improvement and appreciation of all the developing skills essential to a vet in practice.

SuperGrad Workshops

Anexa Graduate Vets can attend SuperGrad Days – a series of workshops facilitated and presented by Anexa staff and industry guest speakers, providing recent graduates from Anexa and other veterinary practices an opportunity for further education and the chance to develop networks across the industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Anexa Vets are given the opportunity to carry out both internal and external Continuing Professional Development. We encourage our vets to develop specific areas of interest and support our vets to achieve qualifications that will further their careers and knowledge base. A large number of our vets are Accredited DairyNZ Body Condition Score Assessors, InCalf advisers and Accredited Advanced Mastitis advisers.

Access to a vast amount of knowledge and an internal lab

At Anexa, the team run working groups. These groups focus on one particular interest and keep the Anexa team up to date with the latest research and knowledge. Our new graduates also have access to the Cognosco lab team to support them interpreting results and filling any knowledge or experience gaps.

Why consider joining the Anexa team? Here’s what our team have to say:

At Anexa, our staff enjoy a caring culture with many opportunities to grow and develop their professional skills.
“Attached lab and Cognosco!!! Think it’s one of the key qualities that sets Anexa apart from other businesses – allows for the use of best practise and up to date information to guide our clinical decisions. Ali and Yvette our Lab Technicians, are more than happy to talk to you about results or help teach which is really cool.”
“Good sort farmers – on the whole the farmers we work with are really nice people and are often keen to give most of the treatments you suggest a go.”
“The ability to develop and grow trust and strong relationships with the farmers has been one of the most fulfilling things about working for Anexa. I feel part of this is personal, but I feel the farmers generally have been very easy to get onside from the get-go.”
“Mighty Waikato – anything you could want within an hour drive, if not less.”
“Progression of new grad skill set – constantly acquiring new skills and gaining clinical confidence. Good balance of getting help but also being pushed out of our comfort zone.”
“A lot of our colleagues really want to help us learn – also another bonus of being part of a large team you are able to phone lots of different vets if you can’t reach the vets in your clinic for advice.”
“Support – big team with varied and lots of experience. We have enjoyed working out of the ‘hub’ clinic – feel very connected and really advantageous for learning small animal stuff. Also Friday afternoon catch ups is a nice way to lead into the weekend – chance to debrief and you get to chat to some of the team you might not normally have a lot to do with.”
“On call is something I don’t mind doing, I grew to resent it in my old job for a few reasons: The phone was directly through to me, the rota was a lot more frequent, and it was incorporated into the salary so felt like it was not worth anything”
“Having a large pool of vets is good in the sense that there is so many years of experience to draw on absolutely anything you come across so a great support network.”

“Dedicated CEO and leadership team that send out regular emails 😊  – feel as though everyone is approachable.”

Need more information?

Get in touch with our Human Resources team, email [email protected] to find out more about Anexa and future opportunities.

Gain insight into what it is like to work at Anexa Vets

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