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Neutering & Vaccinations – the what, why and how

May 17, 2019 | Cats, Dogs, Pet Health

Neutering your Dogs and Cats

Unwanted litters, wandering animals, fights, heats, birthing complications, emergency caesarean sections, medical conditions such as pyometra (pus filled uterus), susceptibility to mammary or testicular cancer.

These are just some of the issues and conditions that can be prevented by neutering your pet. De-sexing, also known as neutering/castrating/spaying of your pet, can be performed at many of our Anexa Vet clinics. It is a day stay procedure, your pet is admitted in the morning by a Vet Nurse, then checked over by a Veterinarian to ensure that he / she is healthy and able to undergo the procedure. Once they have had their surgery they are recovered in a cage that has been made up for them. When your pet has fully recovered they are able to go home, and will be discharged back to you by a nurse. During this discharge appointment you will be given information regarding aftercare and told if / when you will need to bring them back for suture removal and / or rechecks. Please give your local Anexa Vets a call to discuss this procedure with our trained staff.


Some of the common viral illnesses that we see in our dogs and cats are preventable by vaccination. The main diseases we vaccinate against are:

  • Dogs: canine distemper virus, infectious canine respiratory disease, canine parvovirus, leptospirosis and canine cough.
  • Cats: feline rhinotracheitis virus, calicivirus, and panleukopenia.

In general, to be covered by vaccination, puppies and kittens require a course starting at 8 weeks of age. After the initial course, all animals require a booster vaccination at a year old, thereafter, depending on circumstances, some may require an annual booster, or a booster every 3 years.

Another point to remember is that Leptospirosis, which can infect dogs, is a zoonotic disease; this means that we can catch it off our pets if they are infected.

Please contact your local Anexa Vets professional to discuss your vaccination needs today.

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