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Myth Busters – Facial Eczema

Dec 17, 2021 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Facial eczema, Podcast

Emma Franklin and Margaret Perry-Hallam, Anexa Vets
Join Anexa Dairy Vets for this relaxed, yet informative, veterinary podcast for dairy farmers and their farm staff. This podcast series, In One Ear and Out the Udder is aimed at all staff on the farm, who are interested in learning more about the animal health issues affecting dairy cows in New Zealand. Designed to be an easy-listen while you are bringing the cows to the shed for milking or hosing down the yard, these interview-style chats aim to help create common knowledge on farm and provide some points for discussion amongst the whole farm team.

In this episode of Anexa’s Podcast, In One Ear and Out the Udder, vets Emma Franklin and Margaret Perry-Hallam present ‘Facial Eczema Myth Busters’. They discuss commonly held ideas and explain the truth behind some of the classic misconceptions about the disease – from making assumptions about frosts and heavy rain to the spore count levels needed to cause disease, from a calf’s capacity to repair their liver to knowing whether a grazier will be on top of facial eczema prevention. Don’t miss this episode to make sure all farm staff, including the boss, know the facts about facial eczema so you can be prepared for whatever 2022 brings your way and we can minimise the impact of this disease on your animals and your farming business.

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