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Moving stock is about more than just organizing the Truckie

May 11, 2019 | Beef cattle, Bulls, Dry stock, Dry stock animal health & welfare, Grazing youngstock

Do you have stock coming onto your farm? Have you already received stock?

It’s time for us to start re-thinking the way stock moves onto and off of our farms. Biosecurity is not just a concept created by MPI; it is now a reality.

  • Do you know the vaccination and drench history of the animals that are coming onto your farm?
  • Have you kept the new mob separate from all other animals on the property for at least seven days to monitor for disease?
  • Do you know the most up-to-date recommendations around quarantine drenching?

It’s not too late to quarantine drench if they’ve just arrived on your farm – use a triple active drench then place the animals on a ‘dirty paddock’. A dirty paddock is one already likely contaminated with the worms normally on your farm (e.g. just had young stock through). This will dilute out any resistant worm populations introduced by the new stock.

Has the seller/owner transferred them on NAIT?

It is a legal requirement, not just a recommendation, to register all cattle on your property with NAIT. This means more than just receiving the NAIT papers from the Truckie; it means transferring the cattle online.

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