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Missy found in Rotorua

Oct 28, 2022 | Cats, Pet Health

Meet Missy . Missy is a much-loved and inquisitive cat, who has used up several of her 9 cat lives.

About two years ago, Missy went missing from her Morrinsville home. Her owners looked everywhere for her, posted on Facebook, put up flyers, and walked the streets – all without any luck. They had given up hope until, on Monday, out of the blue, they got a phone call from a vet asking if their cat was missing.

Missy was in Rotorua! At a Rotorua vet clinic visit, her microchip had been scanned and checked on NZCAR, only to find that she was listed as missing – this was when her Morrinsville family was called. So Missy and her Mum were finally reunited!

We will never know how Missy got to Rotorua. Still, Missy’s Morrinsville Mum is very grateful that as a stray, Missy’s Rotorua family were kind to her and looked after her. Missy’s Morrinsville Mum is also thankful that she decided to microchip Missy and is pleased she kept her records updated on NZCAR.

Today Anexa Vet Nicola, checked Missy over. Her overall health was good, as were her teeth. So Missy is all set now that her vaccinations and flea and worm treatment are up to date. Missy will hang out inside for a while, getting used to her Morrinsville home again – after a couple of years away, she has had enough adventures.

With the festive season kicking off, it is a great time to ensure your pet’s microchip details are registered with NZCAR .If you are already registered, we recommend logging on and checking your current contact details.


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