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Miracles do happen!

Jul 11, 2016 | Dogs, Pet Health

Just out of Raglan town, a concerned citizen came across a dog wandering across the main road; the local lady was worried for the dogs safety so took the dog home with her for the night as it was late afternoon by this point. In the morning, the dog was dropped off to us at the Raglan Vet Clinic in the hope that we may be able to track down his owners.

A nurse scanned the dog with our special microchip scanner and we were able to identify a microchip number which we searched in our microchip database. We discovered that the adult fox terrier dog belonged to a client from our Huntly branch so our vet nurse proceeded to contact them about their missing dog… and this is where the plot thickens! Our vet nurse made contact with the female owner of the dog, who, upon hearing mention of her dogs name ‘Mickey’ went temporarily silent on the other end of the phone; The lady was speechless After a few moments, once she had regained her voice she proceeded to explain to our nurse that they had believed Mickey to be dead, or forever lost! Mickey had disappeared on Boxing day… 6 months ago! Mickeys’ owner explained to me that Mickey had simply gone missing without any trace, and they had believed he must have been stolen.

It was then organized that Mickey would be taken over to our Huntly clinic later that day by one of our staff, and would be picked up by his owners that afternoon.

The next day, we received this photo, taken by a Huntly Anexa staff member, just after the reunion of dog and owner. Despite the ‘seriousness’ of this photo, Mickey was actually extremely excited to see his ‘dad’ just prior to this photo being taken, so much so that be peed his pants.. oops! This photo demonstrates the serious but loving bond between farmer and loyal companion. We were all so happy to see Mickey home with his rightful owners after a long stint apart.

Although there is no way to find out where Mickey has been for the past 6 months, we are all very pleased to say that he is now home, safe and sound where he will live out the rest of his many happy days with his family. This story just shows the importance of microchipping our pets, as there is just no way to predict if or when they may go missing. Without a microchip, Mickey would likely have never been reunited with his family.

If you want to know more about microchipping your dog please contact your local Anexa FVC clinic.

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