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Lepto 4-way™ is here! What does this mean for you?

Apr 3, 2024 | Beef cattle, Biosecurity, Dairy, Health & Safety

Great news – the Anexa team are out on farm vaccinating calves, heifers & cows with the new lepto vaccine developed to tackle Lepto Pacifica, the novel strain of lepto recently identified in New Zealand.


What does this mean for your animals?

Lepto 4-Way™ contains an extra strain not included in previous lepto vaccines which protects people against Lepto Pacifica. This means that all animals will need to receive two shots of Lepto 4-Way™, 4-6 weeks apart, even if they have been vaccinated for lepto previously. Once animals have received 2 shots (a sensitiser and booster) in the first year, a single annual booster will be required every year thereafter.


Will this mean extra farm visits?

On many farms, we will be able to coordinate lepto vaccination visits with other jobs that need to be done on farm, so you may find that we don’t end up doing extra visits after all.

Perhaps, we can do your herd and heifer trace element testing (liver biopsies & blood samples) with the 1st Lepto 4-Way™ vaccination?


When booking your vaccinations, chat to your vet or clinic team and we will get this new programme rolled out in the most time efficient and cost-effective way possible.



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