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Keep your dog well this winter with these 5 tips

May 9, 2017 | Dogs, Pet Health

Cold weather will worsen arthritis

If your dog is more than 10 years old (small breed) or 8 years old (large breed), consider making life more comfortable. Arthritis is worse in the cold months. Consider thicker bedding, warmer housing, and perhaps a visit to the vet for some arthritis medication.

Tailor your dog’s exercise to the weather

If you find yourself going on fewer or shorter walks due
to bad weather, consider inside games that you can play with your dog. Also, this is a great time of year to consider doggy daycare.

Time to renovate the dog box

Take a moment to ensure that your dog’s lodgings are completely waterproof and sheltered from the wind. Don’t forget to add a bit more extra bedding!!

Know your dog’s cold tolerance

Not all dogs are created equal when it comes to cold tolerance. Old, young, small or short-haired dogs are at a greater risk of hypothermia. Consider a coat or jersey.

Talk to your vet about winter protection

Have your faithful companion checked over by a Veterinarian to ensure small problems don’t worsen because of changing weather.

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