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Keep your bunny safe, vaccinate NOW

Mar 1, 2018 | Pet Health, Rabbit

If your pet rabbit hasn’t been vaccinated in the last year, book an appointment now.

Our Anexa Companion Animal Vets have seen many of our rabbit clients recently for vaccinations and a check up, ahead of the national release of the calicivirus (RHDV1-K5) starting later this month. The virus is a new strain being released to control wild rabbit populations, but it could affect pet rabbits if they are not vaccinated.

The vaccine will give rabbits increased protection against the virus – this is important as once your pet rabbit is infected, there is no treatment for the disease.
In addition, to vaccination, there are ways in which you can limit the risk to pet rabbits:

  1. Control insects (especially flies and fleas) both indoors and outdoors as they can carry the virus (remember to regularly flea and worm your rabbit just as you would your cat or dog).
  2. Remove uneaten food daily and regularly clean and disinfect their hutch, bowls etc (10% bleach is safe for rabbits). Rinse off with water after 10 minutes.
  3. Make sure your backyard is rabbit proof so wild rabbits can’t get in (and yours can’t get out!)
  4. Avoid handling unfamiliar rabbits and wash hands, shoes, and clothing after handling other people’s rabbits
  5. Do not feed cut grass to your rabbits if there is a risk of contamination from wild rabbits.

To have your bunny vaccinated or if you have any questions about the virus, or concerns about your rabbit’s health, contact your local Anexa Vet clinic to make a time with one of our friendly Vets.

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