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July Animal Health Checklist

Jul 5, 2021 | Dry stock


  • Scanning, separate twin bearing ewes to preferentially feed if concerned about feed shortage, or to give them a boost
  • Prelamb drench – discuss with your vet for individual farm advice
  • Fluke treatment 
  • Copper supplement (if deficiency diagnosed)
  • Consider testing cull ewe livers at the works
  • B12 and selenium supplementation
  • Prepare lambing kit 


Young Cattle 

  • Trace element testing, liver biopsies or bloods 
  • Mineral supplementation, consider long lasting copper boluses, all-trace bolus 
  • Lungworm drench, flukicide 
  • Weighed and BCS – on target for 2/3 of their adult weight by mating?


Breeding Cows 

  • Trace element testing- livers at the works 
  • Copper, selenium, cobalt supplementation – bolus or injection
  • Lice treatment 
  • Fluke treatment 
  • Annual clostridial, lepto, rotovirus vaccinations 
  • Magnesium supplementation starting 2-4 weeks before planned start of calving
  • Order NAIT tags for calves early!
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