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It’s time to plan your heifer teatsealing for this season

Mar 2, 2021 | Dairy, Dairy Animal Health & Welfare, Milk Quality

Julia Baynes, Anexa Vets Morrinsville

Are you sick of seeing heifers come in with mastitis after calving?

Do you want to give your heifers the best start when they enter the milking herd?

Do you want to save time and money treating Spring mastitis in your heifers?

There are huge benefits to teatsealing heifers prior to calving:

  • It reduces clinical mastitis in early lactation by 50%
  • It reduces subclinical mastitis at calving by 65%

It is very important that teat sealants are administered correctly and hygienically, to ensure that you maximise the benefits of treatment while minimising the risk of introducing infection.

We have a fantastic team of experienced technician team leaders who lead our technician teams season after season. All of our technicians are trained to a gold standard level and assessed annually to ensure they meet our high standards of product administration and hygiene. They are also trained to identify any heifers that have mastitis at the point of teat sealing, as well as any who have blind quarters.

Here is some of the feedback we received last season:
“Very efficient, thrilled with the job. We want the same team back next year.”
“Great job. Didn’t take them long.”
“Very thorough. Good communication within the team.”

Now is the time to book your heifers in for teatsealing.
If you want to get your heifers teatsealed, the sooner you book in, the higher the chance that you will get your preferred date. We are very busy over the next few months and we work on a first-come first-served basis.

Your options for heifer teatsealing

We offer a number of different options to help your teatsealing job go smoothly:
In shed – if your heifers are well trained into a herringbone or rotary, we can teatseal them in shed. It’s important to have your staff available to load the animals and to help keep our technicians safe.

In shed with sedation – recommended in rotary sheds to reduce kicking and heifer and technician injuries during the job. Still requires heifers to be trained as stressed animals don’t respond reliably to sedatives.

Teatseal trailer – this is our mobile trailer option that is highly recommended for rotary sheds, or any shed with an increased risk of heifer or technician injuries. The trailer can easily be fitted to most loading races or grazier’s yards. Heifers do not need to be trained prior to using the trailer and no sedation is needed. It is the safest option for both your heifers and our technicians.

To find out more about which option is right for you, speak to your vet or to book visit or contact Rhonda at 027 886 5621 or via email at
[email protected]

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