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It’s NCEA exam time as I write this so hence the theme!

Dec 6, 2017 | Dairy, Dairy Farm Reproduction

Katrina Roberts, Anexa FVC Herd Health Veterinarian

You have your scanning booked in. It is a little like an exam isn’t it; you know in your mind whether you’ve done the work around getting the herd in calf or not and the scanning visit delivers the results. Sure, two farms both doing similar things will not always get exactly the same outcome, but for the most part, the results will be an accurate reflection of your farms attention to detail during the AB and natural mating period.

As with any school exam, there is always something to learn from a look through the results. There is the absolute opportunity to modify the approach for next time by ways of getting a better “mark”. A good hard honest look at your numbers with an outsider can make a huge difference to figuring out which bits you didn’t do well enough.

So once the exam result is in, don’t just shelve the paper work. This is one exam that needs a proper debrief and we can do that with you.

The Proof is in the Scanning

The advantages of early scanning and every pregnancy being aged include:

  • Accurate 6-week in-calf rate
  • Ability to make early culling decisions
  • Having more accurate analysis of mating performance 
  • Ability to generate an Anexa FVC Pregnancy Test Report AND detailed In Calf Fertility Focus Report
  • Ability to manage body condition
  • Better management of transition
  • Making more accurate drying off date decisions

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